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"I've had the pleasure of receiving several tarot readings from Chelsea. She makes the experience comfortable and tailors to your wants and needs. Her readings have come to fruition and make me look forward to the next time of seeing her. You feel like you have known her for years even after just a few moments with her "



"Amazing experience having my reading done by Chelsea. I was hesitant about having my reading initially, but it was such a relaxing, enlightening and positive experience. Highly recommend."


-Gary A.

"Really enjoyed my reading from Chelsea. It was a wonderful experience as she is so supportive, inspirational and engouraging. Truly grateful I contacted her!"

-Gary L.

"I instantly felt a connection to Chelsea! Universe somehow lead me to her for a reason. I was so grateful to have spent the time with her for a beautiful and insightful reading. I've never had a reading before and she made me feel so comfortable and made it extremely easy. It's like talking to your best friend! She is extremely gifted and in tune with her intuition. Every message I received was dead on resonating. I had chills! She was so supportive and everything I hoped my reading would be! I completely trust Chelsea and I am 1000% am sending everyone I care about to her for intuitive readings and no doubt will be going to her for future readings and guidance!"


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