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I have been practicing the tarot for 20+ years and for the last few years I’ve been facilitating healing with tarot readings through individual readings in person and online via my website, collective readings on my YouTube and TIkTok channels, as well as for my Patreon group subscribers.


I started a podcast on Spotify called Embody Empress at the beginning of 2024 where I have short episodes that dive into specific topics surrounding being human and our life paths, as well as story time episodes where I tell stories from my own life.

I now offer one-on-one counseling sessions online to help individuals on their life path journeys. I cater the sessions to the individual’s needs and we get into anything from dreams, goals, aspirations, trauma, navigating obstacles, preparation for death, etc. and I assist my clients in seeing any shadows, fears, desires so they may go deeper into their human experience and use their incarnation to its highest potential.

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